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September 2016
The 2016-2017 Burlington School District Calendar is now available!
Here is the link to see the electronic copy: 2016-2017 Burlington School Calendar  ​Printed copies were sent home. Let us know if you need a copy! 
Friday Morning Bike Trains - We need you!
Thank you to our community bike fans, family members and students who participated in our Friday Morning Bike Trains!  Special thank you to RJ and Andrea and the crew at Bike Recycle Vermont for supporting our rides! ​We are looking forward to getting the new trains rolling...and we need your help! 
​Please let Suzanne know if you can lead a train from your area. It will be easy to change up the locations when needed. ​Here are the train stops from last year:
1) North Ave Alliance Church--­­Arrive 7:30 Depart 7:40
2) Scout and Company­­--Arrive 7:45 Depart 7:50
3) Pitkin (the corner of Manhattan)­­--Arrive 7:50 Depart 7:55
4) Chubby Muffin­­--Arrive 7:45 Depart 7:55
5) Myers Furniture­­--Arrive 7:50 Depart 8:00

Here are the operating guidelines for the Bike Train:
1. Trains leave at the departure time.
2. Leader keeps the train together by looking back often to see the caboose.
3. Stay in a single line on the road ­ travel speed should match the slowest rider.
4. Use hand signals (review with everyone right, left, stop signals)
5. If there is a need to stop, step out of the road and into the green belt or sidewalk.
6. Stop at red lights.

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